Winners of the 20th Anniversary Poetry Awards


The Cambridge Public Library and the Cambridge Tree Project Announce the Winners of the 20th Anniversary Poetry Contest.

Winning poets will received their awards at a ceremony and reading on Wednesday, May 30, at 6:00 p.m. in the Lecture Hall at the Main Library.

Download the full list of poems here.

Colle Etcitty, First Place (tie), Kindergarten, The Train Clickety-Clacks…

Ella Sykes-Finkelstein, First Place (tie), Kindergarten, Unicorns

Myles Esteves, Second Place, Kindergarten, I climb up a tree…

Adele Umeki, First Place (tie), First Grade, My Imagination

Apple Sussman, First Place (tie), First Grade, The Clouds

Nelia Magni, First Place (tie), First Grade, Excited!

Iziah Knight, Second Place (tie), First Grade, The Baby

Julian Karl Shabry-Lichter, Second Place (tie), First Grade, The Night Before

Koto Tanie, Second Place (tie), First Grade, Love

Maggie Winefred Green, Third Place (tie), First Grade, Science

Nicholas Kisich, Third Place (tie), First Grade, Scary

Tianna Wilkin-Ruiz, Third Place (tie), First Grade, El cielo/The Sky

Georgia Lee, Honorable Mention, First Grade, Cat Pat

Henry Altenbach, Honorable Mention, First Grade, Pigs

Victoria Wilson, Honorable Mention, First Grade, Feet

Abigail Fisher-Seufert, First Place (tie), Second Grade, Beyond

Isaa, Goodman, First Place (tie), Second Grade, Leaving

Lucia De Icaza, First Place (tie), Second Grade, red flower

Emily Yakoobian, Second Place (tie), Second Grade, The Two Trees

Noah Eastley, Second Place (tie), Second Grade, Orchestra

Xavi Agnew, Second Place (tie), Second Grade, Alone

Benjamin Scott, Third Place (tie), Second Grade, House Sparrow

Emmett Correia, Third Place (tie), Second Grade, Trees

Amar Abreu Honorable Mention, Second Grade, The Sun

Joudia Ouassaidi, Honorable Mention, Second Grade, WOW

Arsema Getachew, First Place (tie), Third Grade, Justice

Bahaar Reinhardt, First Place (tie), Third Grade, Fall

Harmony Devoe, First Place (tie), Third Grade, Zebra

Charlie N. Marshall, Second Place (tie), Third Grade, Melancholy World

Tyler Jarvis, Second Place (tie), Third Grade, Flowers

Caleb Frehywot, Third Place (tie), Third Grade, Untitled, "moonlight stars bright…"

Judy Sohl, Third Place (tie), Third Grade, Untitled "boom screech…"

Aniket Srivastava, First Place (tie), Fourth Grade, What Is White?

Keianna McGruder-Civil, First Place (tie), Fourth Grade, It Is All About Race

Aroon Kang, Second Place (tie), Fourth Grade, Period

Sorelle Curis-Chiang, Second Place (tie), Fourth Grade, Wishing Tree

Stella Grace Murphy, Second Place (tie), Fourth Grade, Him

Dante Randall, Third Place (tie), Fourth Grade, Elements Save the Day

Erin Campbell, Third Place (tie), Fourth Grade, Sadness

Kamari Martin, Third Place (tie), Fourth Grade, My Mom

Cam Firouzbakht, Honorable Mention, Fourth Grade, A Seed with Green Specs

Kamari Tyler, Honorable Mention, Fourth Grade, Walking to a Farm on a Windy Day

Nik Malaviya, Honorable Mention, Fourth Grade, Stand Up Tall

Ella Ogden, First Place (tie), Fifth Grade, To Be a Tree

Farai Sundai, First Place (tie), Fifth Grade, Step Up!

Quinn Farmer, First Place (tie), Fifth Grade, How I Draw

Ayaulym Wolfe, Second Place (tie), Fifth Grade, I Stand

Celia Walsh, Second Place (tie), Fifth Grade, 42

Stella Piper Sugiura, Second Place (tie), Fifth Grade, Sunny Day

Peyson Bilimoria, Third Place (tie), Fifth Grade, Love of India

Taya Thoms, Third Place (tie), Fifth Grade, We Need Peace

Margot Kelsey, Honorable Mention, Fifth Grade, Korb Lake

Mili Medwed, Honorable Mention, Fifth Grade, Willow

Naseem Anjaria, Honorable Mention, Fifth Grade, Obama

Sofia Galvao, First Place, Sixth Grade, Invisible

Ana Cardona-Izquiel, Second Place (tie), Sixth Grade, Oda al cofre de Amina/Ode to Amina's Box

Jack Ramde, Second Place (tie), Sixth Grade, Ode to Thomas Sankara

James Foleno, Third Place (tie), Sixth Grade, The Storm

Leilani Rivers-Rivera, Third Place (tie), Sixth Grade, Grandpa's Tree

Nairobi Cepeda Fajardo, Honorable Mention, Sixth Grade, Untitled "a tree is like hope"

Hugh Koschwanez, First Place (tie), Seventh Grade, Bloqueo de escritor/Writer's Block

Luna Valayannopoulis-Akrivou, First Place (tie), Seventh Grade, What Is Poetry?

Analia Fister, Second Place (tie), Seventh Grade, Stay Close to Me

Esmee Decola, Second Place (tie), Seventh Grade, Independencia/Independence

Jackson Phelps, Second Place (tie), Seventh Grade, Living Double

Natasha Butler-Rahman, Third Place, Seventh Grade, Citas de mi Abuela/My Grandmother's Quotes

Aléx Monteiro Leith, First Place, Eighth Grade, El Árbol Americano/America Tree

Christopher Gould, Second Place (tie), Eighth Grade, En el oscuro profundo/Deep in the Darkness

Emmie Knippen, Third Place, Eighth Grade, Untitled, "don't worry about me…"

Bennett Himmel, Honorable Mention, Eighth Grade, That's How It Goes