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Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge Public Schools and Mayor Denise E. Simmons partner on Kindergarten library card sign-up initiative.

9/6/20176 years ago

caution sign The information on this page may be outdated as it was published 6 years ago.

Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge Public Schools and Mayor Denise E. Simmons partner on Kindergarten library card sign-up initiative. 

CAMBRIDGE, MA – September 6, 2017 – The City of Cambridge is excited to take part in a national initiative developed by the Urban Libraries Council that will increase the number of children who receive library cards throughout the City. 

“I’m delighted to be a part of this partnership between the Library and the schools,” said Mayor Denise E. Simmons. “Supporting children with the opportunity to learn and grow in the City of Cambridge is such a vital task for our community, and I am solidly in favor of doing whatever we can to draw our children into our libraries, and instilling in them the desire to read at an early age.” 

Director of Libraries, Maria McCauley; Superintendent, Kenneth Salim; and Mayor, Denise E. Simmons led the charge on this important partnership between the City, schools and the Library. The collaboration will enable all kindergarten children to receive their first library card in their classroom unless they opt out. 

“Sharing the Library with the youngest users is at the core of our mission,” said Maria McCauley, Director of Libraries. “Giving children access to an endless source of information and opening up new worlds to them will help kids to navigate their education with the proper tools at hand.” 

Due to the need to opt in to the program, only 50% of kindergarteners were reached during previous library card campaigns despite extensive outreach. With this new partnership, every 5-year-old will get a library card unless a parent specifically opts out. This will allow for near 100% access to the Library, ensuring that students have the resources they need to be successful throughout their school years. 

“Cambridge Public Schools is dedicated to leveling the playing field for our diverse students, so that all students have access to engaging learning experiences," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Salim. “We’re excited to forge such a direct link between our youngest students, their families, and their local libraries.” 

This program will launch with the September 2017 school year. For more information on this program visit: http://www.urbanlibraries.org/the-leaders-library-card-challenge-pages-547.php