Grand Junction Pathway

Grand Junction right-of-way

The City has completed a feasibility study to determine whether it is possible to create a Rail-With-Trail (RWT) along this corridor. A RWT would enable the railroad to continue its services, with a separated trail functioning parallel to the rail. The proposed Grand Junction RWT would serve pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, and others as a recreational and transportation route, linking various Cambridge neighborhoods and other recreational facilities and serving major employment and university centers. The final study is available by clicking on the Documents tab.

No updates at this time.

At the current time, the City is trying to implement the multi-use path in sections as opportunities arise.  Space within the corridor is being reserved as projects are proposed and reviewed by the City.

The use of the Grand Junction corridor as a linear path was envisioned by the Cambridge Green Ribbon Open Space Committee in its study of possible new parks and open space in the city and was identified as a top priority. The 2001 Eastern Cambridge Planning Study also recommended the creation of the path along the Grand Junction as an infrastructure project to enhance non-auto mobility.

For more information about the Grand Junction Rail-with-Trail study, please contact Cara Seiderman at 617/349-4629 or