Major entry locations are:

From Huron Ave:

  1. Corner of Huron Ave and Fresh Pond Parkway
  2. Crosswalks at Glacken Field, Aberdeen Ave, and Fresh Pond Parkway

From Fresh Pond Parkway:

  1. 250 Fresh Pond Parkway-Treatment Facility main entrance
  2. Kingsley Park railroad bridge
  3. Crosswalks at Vassar Lane and Huron Avenue

From Concord Ave:

  1. Black's Nook entrance across from Smith Place
  2. At Neville Center
  3. Lusitania Meadow entrance across from Wheeler Street
  4. Crosswalk and bike path intersection between the Concord and Alewife Brook Rotaries
  5. Crosswalks at Smith Place, Moulton Street, Wheeler Street, and Blanchard Road