Source Water Infrastructure and Properties

Cambridge water is supplied from the Stony Brook Watershed, nested within the Charles River Basin, in the towns of Lincoln, Lexington, Weston, and the City of Waltham.  The water makes its way through tributaries and a series of reservoirs to its final destination in Fresh Pond.  In order to facilitate and manage this process, the City of Cambridge owns extensive infrastructure and properties throughout the watershed that are crucial to the supply and production of water in Fresh Pond.  To learn more about the City of Cambridge's Infrastructure and Properties, follow the links below.

Watershed Infrastructure

Details the Hobbs Brook, Stony Brook, and Fresh Pond Reservoirs, along with additional infrastructure that is crucial to making these reservoirs work properly and efficiently.

Watershed Properties

Details the City's properties located in the upper watershed.

Watershed Maps

Access to maps detailing the properties of the upper watershed. 


Location of the Cambridge watershed in Massachusetts.