What's New

Follow the links below to see new and updated information about the Watershed Division and relevant topics.

  • 2019 Site Monitoring Report

    The Cambridge Watershed Site Monitoring Program Report is a summary of the site monitoring, outreach, and review efforts of the Cambridge Water Department (CWD)’s Watershed Management Division.

  • Fresh Pond Reservation Census Program

    Information about our Reservation User monitoring program.

  • 2018 Source Water Quality Report

    This report presents the 2018 results of the City of Cambridge Water Department (CWD)’s Source Water Quality Monitoring Program, an ongoing study to assess source water quality in Cambridge reservoirs and associated tributaries.

  • Black's Nook Restoration Project

    A phased approach to improve Black's Nook wildlife habitat value and water quality by fostering native wetland and woodland plant communities and stabilizing the shoreline with native vegetation, coir logs, and erosion control matting.

  • Glacken Slope Improvement Project

    To improve runoff water quality by soil decompaction, erosion control, repaving the perimeter road with permeable asphalt, and native species and biodiversity restoration along Glacken Slope.

  • Watershed Points of Interest Interactive Map

    Take a virtual journey into the Cambridge watershed with this Storymap! Learn about the bodies of water that feed Fresh Pond, see the historical gatehouses and infrastructure, and understand how the water is monitored and treated before arriving at your tap.

  • Reports and Research

    Reports and Research