Watershed Maps

Explore water quality sampling sites, field offices, key pieces of infrastructure, and land cover/land use throughout Cambridge's 24-square mile surface water supply watershed.

Watershed Points of Interest Story Map Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Cambridge drinking water supply watershed.


Watershed Protection Plan Maps

These maps have been developed to support the watershed protection plan for the City of Cambridge drinking water watershed. They were originally created as part of the 2011 Surface Water Protection Plan that is filed with the Department of Environmental Protection for the State of Massachusetts. These maps show the major factors that impact water quality and our program to monitor and protect the quality of our drinking water.

Surface Water Supply Protection Zones Map

 SWPP Protection Map Thumbnail This is the base map for the Watershed Protection Plan.  It shows the three zones, A – within 400 feet of the reservoir or 200 feet of tributaries, B – within one half mile of the surface of the reservoir, and C – the remaining watershed.

Land Use Map

 SWPP Land Use Thumbnail This map utilizes the 2016 Land Cover/Land Use datalayer distributed by MassGIS.

Risks Map

 SWPP Risks Thumbnail This map shows the major risks to water quality including high density land use, land use associated with heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides, high density zoning, and hazardous material (21e) storage sites.

Water Quality Monitoring Map

 SWPP WQ Monitoring Thumbnail This map shows the sites where water quality is regularly monitored.

Cambridge Parcels and Infrastructure Map

 SWPP Parcels Thumbnail This map shows the location of Cambridge owned parcels and infrastructure in the upper watershed.

Open Space Map

  This map shows open space by level of protection in the Cambridge Watershed.
Maps updated on or after November 2022.