Mobile Hotspots


A mobile hotspot is a device to provide wireless internet access (WiFi). It creates a WiFi network that you can connect to from a Chromebook laptop or other device.

You may checkout a mobile hotspot or other devices from the Library as part of our Takeout Technology program.

If no mobile hotspots are available, be aware that Comcast xfinity WiFi is free during the crisis (no Comcast account or login required). This can provide an alternate way to get online.


Using the Mobile Hotspot


1. Turn on the hotspot by pressing the power key for 3 seconds. (If the device does not turn on, you may need to charge the hotspot with the power cord provided.)

2. Wait about 10 seconds for the hotspot to be ready to use. It will display “Welcome!” as it is powering up, then “T-Mobile” when it is ready to use.

3. Go to the network WiFi settings on your chromebook or other device.

4. Select WiFi name: CPL Hotspot

5. Enter WiFi password: welcome! (note the exclamation point)

6. To turn off the hotspot when you are done using it, hold down the power key for 3 seconds. It will display “Goodbye” before powering down.


Return the Hotspot


1. Return your hotspot to a service desk during our service hours. Hotspots should not be returned via the book drops.

2. Please return the hotspot by the due date. Items not returned on time will be remotely disabled.

Replacement costs: Hotspot $70. Case $20. Power Cord: $10 Total: $100