Demolition Application Requirements


Submit a completed Demolition Permit Application form to the Cambridge Historical Commission (CHC) office. Application forms can be obtained from the Inspectional Services Department (ISD), 831 Massachusetts Avenue in either paper form or via the online permitting system, Energov. The application form must be signed by the record owner and must be accompanied by a site plan that indicates the location of the structure and the extent of demolition. (Information about the contractor and disposal of debris need not be provided in order to initiate CHC review, though the information will be required by ISD before a demolition permit will be issued). Upon receipt of a completed application, the Executive Director will make an initial determination of significance and, if necessary, schedule the case for the next available public hearing. The Commission generally meets on the first Thursday of the month, and applications are due three weeks prior to the meeting date. Please check CHC meeting dates and deadlines.  

An application that requires review by the Historical Commission at a public hearing, as determined by the Executive Director, must be accompanied by 12 sets of the following supplemental materials:

  1. Dimensioned site plan of existing conditions and of the proposed replacement project. The site plan should indicate the relationship to the surrounding structures and properties.
  2. Schematic elevation drawings of the existing building and the proposed replacement project (can be indicated on the same drawing). Dimensions and construction materials should be indicated. Elevations that demonstrate the relationship to neighboring structures are preferred. (This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Executive Director).
  3. Any application for a project that also requires zoning relief (variance or special permit) must include the Dimensional Form from the Board of Zoning Appeal application.

The following additional materials may be submitted with the application, but are not required to complete the application:

  1. Photographs of existing conditions.
  2. Engineer's report or other report on the condition of the structure.

Application materials should not exceed 11" x 17" in size. No bindings (other than staples) or special covers, please. The Historical Commission does not charge an application fee, but we do require that twelve copies of the application materials be submitted with the application. 

A CHC regulation requires that a notice board advertising the demolition and hearing information be posted on the subject property.  Read the regulation here.