Cambridge Artist Turns 5 Miles Of The Charles River Into A 500-Foot-Long Photo-Mural

Cambridge artist Richard Hackel is turning 5 miles of the Cambridge shore of the Charles River into a 500-foot-long photo mural. His "Cambridge Riverfront Panalateral," which was commissioned by the City of Cambridge and developed in collaboration with Cambridge Arts, will adorn the construction site along Cambridge Street between Berkshire and Willow Streets where Cambridge’s new King Open and Cambridge Street Upper Schools and Community Complex is being built. The photo-mural is expected to be installed around the school site during the week of June 26, 2017.

In May, Hackel photographed the entire Cambridge shoreline while kayaking along the Charles River three times. He then stitched the photos together digitally to create a panoromic photograph of the Cambridge waterfront, beginning from the western end of the city, at Herter Park, and traveling east to the Museum of Science.