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Legal Resources


Our Criminal Justice Collection database focuses on all aspects of the criminal justice field. Publications include: American Criminal Law Review; Corrections Today; Criminal Justice; Criminal Justice Ethics; Forensic Examiner; Psychology Today; and more.

Gale LegalForms - Massachusetts brings together thousands of national and state-specific legal forms for everything from wills to business contracts. The forms are fill-in-the-blank, downloadable, and continuously updated to reflect the latest laws.

Other Useful and Trusted Online Resources:

The Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) contains regulations promulgated by state agencies. Regulations set forth standards for public health and safety, licensing of professionals, consumer and environmental protection, among others.

De Novo Center for Justice and Healing 
Provides free legal assistance and affordable psychological counseling for people with low incomes. 

Find a Lawyer in Massachusetts
Helps you find a lawyer by specialty or location. Also includes tips on how to choose a lawyer.

An alternative source for finding a local attorney.

Greater Boston Legal Services
Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) provides free civil (non-criminal) legal assistance to low-income people in Boston and thirty-one additional cities and towns.

National directory of lawyers. 

Massachusetts City and Town Bylaws or Ordinances
Alphabetical list of links to the bylaws or ordinances of many Massachusetts cities and towns.

Massachusetts General Laws
Search the laws of the Commonwealth by keywords, or chapter and section.

Massachusetts Legal Aid
A database of free and low-cost legal aid programs across the state, searchable by town or county. These programs typically only accept particular types of cases from individuals in defined income categories or age groups. See program descriptions for more details. 

Massachusetts Legal Forms
This site contains a large selection of Massachusetts legal forms available online. 

Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries
The Trial Court Law Libraries is a system of 17 libraries across the State which are open to the public and committed to providing legal reference services and legal research assistance to all.

Nolo’s Legal Dictionary
Find plain English definitions for legal terms by searching or browsing this online legal dictionary.