The library subscribes to three local newspaper databases that you can access from home.

The Boston Globe has full-text coverage back to 1980.

The Boston Metropolitan Collection contains many of the weekly community newspapers in the area, such as the Somerville Journal, Cape Cod Times, Brookline TAB, and, most importantly for us, the Cambridge Chronicle back to 2005.

If you need to look things up from an earlier date, you should try our Historic Cambridge Newspaper Collection. This database contains all historic Cambridge newspapers that are in the Cambridge Public Library’s collection and do not have copyright restrictions. Newspapers, which are fully searchable and freely available, include the Cambridge Chronicle (1846-1923), the Cambridge Press (1887-1889), the Cambridge Sentinel (1903-1912), and the Cambridge Tribune (1887-1923), covering major historical events from Cambridge’s incorporation as a city in 1846 to the early years of prohibition.

We also have subscriptions you can access from home to the New York Times, the Historical New York Times, and LexisNexis for national and international coverage. The New York Times database includes the New York Times from January 1, 1985 to the present, including the New York Times Magazine and the New York Times Book Review. The Historical New York Times provides the full image of articles published in the New York Times from its first issue in 1851 (to three years prior to the current year). It is searchable by keyword, subject, author, and article title. It includes illustrations and advertisements. LexisNexis has full-text articles to more than 2,500 newspapers, including top-tier news publications such as The Washington Post and local, national, and international sources.