CHC Staff

View of entry to the Lombardi Building, 831 Mass. Ave. Cambridge

Office Location

Cambridge Historical Commission
Lombardi Building
831 Massachusetts Ave., 2nd Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

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CHC Staff Contacts

Charles M. Sullivan, Executive Director
phone: (617) 349-4684 or TTY: (617) 349-6112
E-mail Charles M. Sullivan
Contact Charlie if you have questions regarding technical preservation issues, the Avon Hill Neighborhood Conservation District, Old Cambridge Historic District, preservation restrictions, or preservation grants.

Kathleen L. Rawlins (Kit), Assistant Director
phone: (617) 349-4685 or TTY: (617) 349-6112
E-mail Kit L. Rawlins
Contact Kit if you have questions regarding educational programs, photograph reproduction orders and permissions, or billing concerns.

Sarah Burks, Preservation Planner
phone: (617) 349-4687 or TTY: (617) 349-6112
E-mail Sarah Burks
Contact Sarah Burks if you have questions regarding historic districts, the Mid Cambridge Neighborhood Conservation District, the Harvard Square Conservation District, landmarks, demolition review, or the website.

Emily Gonzalez, Archivist
phone: (617) 349-4070 or TTY: (617) 349-6112
E-mail Emily Gonzalez
Contact Emily Gonzalez if you have questions regarding archival collections, donations, archives programming, or the CHC library.

Eric Hill, Survey Director 
phone: (617) 349-4688 or TTY: (617) 349-6112 
E-mail Eric Hill
Contact Eric if you have questions about the architectural inventory, Half Crown-Marsh Neighborhood Conservation District, exterior paint colors, modern architecture, or National Register.

Commission Members
For a list of commission members on the four commissions supported by this office, visit the links on this page.

All correspondence to commission members should be mailed to the care of:

Cambridge Historical Commission
Lombardi Building
831 Massachusetts Ave., 2nd Fl.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Correspondence will be forwarded directly to the commission members by CHC staff.