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July 16 1997


Wednesday July 16, 1997 - 6:30 to 9:30

Sakey Lecture hall, Main Library

Public is welcome and invited to come

Librarians' Review of Proposed Program Elements

This is a focused review meeting with invited Library Directors. The directors have been given the latest set of documents revised based upon discussion at the June Library 21 meeting. The directors will comment and ask questions first, then L21 members will ask questions. The goal of the forum will be to capture the directors' comments for each element of the program-- that's why we've broken the agenda into segments.


6:30 Welcome and introductions

6:35-6:45 Vision

6:45-6:55 System Structure

6:55-7:05 Audiences

7:05-7:50 Roles

7:50-8:05 BREAK

8:05-8:15 Collaboration with other entities

8:15-8:40 Building Program/Needs Assessment

8:40-9:10 Functions and space needs

9:10-9:30 Public Comments