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Other Libraries Workgroup

Notes about Libraries in other communities

Library 21 has mounted a study of other libraries in the nearby communities as well as at other locations in the U.S. to see what has been done recently or is being considered in order to profit form other successes and mistakes. The library programs, the library buildings and the planning process itself have been studied. This effort has included individual visits, group visits, Web visits, obtaining printed material, and conducting telephone interviews. Reports on this effort are in progress, there is a great deal of material that has been obtained and observed.

Members of Library 21 have visited libraries in other communities to see what they have done in terms of significant features in their new or renovated libraries and in the process that they underwent to plan the changes to the library system.

A highlight of this process was a bus tour to the Newton, Everett, and Waltham libraries on October 19 for the entire library committee as well as city councillors and other members of the public.

The following is one set of notes; much more information will be forthcoming.

Notes about Arlington County Library