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November 20 1996

Agenda - Library 21 Committee

Wednesday November 20, 1996 - 6:30 to 8:30

Morse School Cafeteria - (Cambridgeport) Granite Street at Pearl St. intersection

Public is welcome and invited to come

Final meeting of Phase 2: Casting a Wide Net

  1. Administration: approval of minutes; brief review of the Library 21 mission and our progress to date and where we are heading
  2. Report from the Information Technology Work Group: this group has conducted extensive research and will present their findings; their goal is to determine which aspects of technology are relevant for the Cambridge library system; John Gintell
  3. Interim report on City owned spaces; our objective is to inventory what facilities the city has so we can think about sharing spaces with the library system; Lisa Peterson
  4. Comments from the audience
  5. (time permitting) Updates from other Work Groups