Help to Prevent Devastating Fires in our City


With the upcoming Independence Day holiday and some nice, summer days & nights upon us, remember that OPEN BURNING IS PROHIBITED in Cambridge.

This includes FIRE PITS, chimineas, outside fireplaces & burning of yard waste, brush, & trash.
This is an important fire safety factor to prevent the recurrence of devastating fires in our closely built-up city.

Additionally the MA Department of Environmental Protection prohibits outside burning in the city, as well as surrounding "urbanized areas" in order to reduce air pollution.

 Keep in mind the rapidly extending conflagrations involving multiple buildings in the history of our city, including the fire in December of 2016 on Berkshire St. We don't want this to happen again!

Be responsible! Respect your neighbors. Help to prevent fires!


To report a fire or other emergency situation, call 911 right away.


Outside Burning Prohibited