Student Awareness of Fire Education Program (S.A.F.E.)

Fire Department members actively participate in the Student Awareness of Fire Education Program (S.A.F.E.). This successful program teaches fire safety education to grades K-3 in all public and private schools in the City of Cambridge who want to participate (other grades and groups can also be taught if requested).  We also have a program for 4th and 5th grades to teach the hazards of tobacco.  For information on participating in the program, please email Fire Prevention.

Additional information can be found at: Massachusetts S.A.F.E.


SAFE instructor explaining gear

SAFE Instructor explaining firefighter gear

 SAFE instructor in full gear

SAFE instructor showing kids what firefighters look like in full gear up close


Captain Donovan teaching what to do during a fire drill

SAFE Instructor teaching a classroom what to do during a fire drill