Technical Services Division

Tech Services Fire Apparatus Mechanic

The Technical Services Division is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all equipment required to provide Fire Department services to the city and citizens of Cambridge. This Department supplies eight firehouses and is responsible for the upkeep of these buildings. Six of these buildings are at least a century old. While these are sturdy structures, their historic status presents unique problems when repairs are required.

The Technical Services Division also provides information technology (IT) to the Department’s members and is part of a Public Safety IT Team which manages all of the computers, servers and other IT equipment for Cambridge Public Safety. This Team works with the City’s Information Technology Department on various projects. The Technical Services Division also procures and repairs the communication equipment for all the City departments.


Project management and maintenance of the City 800 MHz radio system is also assigned to this Division. Considerable assistance was given to the Emergency Communications Department by placing new equipment in service and in implementing new dispatch protocols.


A motor squad, consisting of two personnel, is under the command of the Technical Services Division. This squad performs high quality repair of fire apparatus and other specialty apparatus in a timely fashion.