Cambridge Firefighters remind us to make Thanksgiving a Fire Safe holiday

11/20/20237 months ago

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home on Thanksgiving. Let's keep it Safe!

Thanksgiving is the #1 day for cooking fires. Nationally, cooking is the leading cause of fires in the home and the leading cause of fire injuries, so it's not surprising that 87% of Thanksgiving Day fires are caused by cooking.


Consider these fire safety notes:

  • Always pay attention when cooking.
  • Stay in or near the kitchen when cooking on the stove, oven, or microwave. An unattended cooking fire can extend and spread rapidly.
  • Cooking while drinking too much alcohol is never a good idea.
  • Ensure that all combustibles are kept away from the cook top and heat source. This includes potholders, paper goods, dish towels, storage containers, and plastic tools.
  • Leave pot handles turned inward so no one can accidentally bump the handle and knock the pan over.
  • Wear short sleeves or tight clothing. Loose sleeves can catch fire.
  • Eliminate trip hazards in the kitchen.
  • Keep the kids & pets away from the stove.
  • For older kids, let them participate, teaching them to cook safely.
  • For fire in a pan on the stove, safely slide a cover or cookie sheet over it and turn off the heat source. This will snuff out the fire.
  • For a fire in the oven, leave the oven door closed and turn off the heat.
  • For an out-of-control stove or oven fire, alert others to get out, and call 911 from a safe place.
  • For a serious burn injury, turn off the heat source, cool the burn area, and call 911.
  • As always ensure that your smoke and CO detectors are working and have an emergency exit plan.

Enjoy! Stay safe! Help to prevent fires and injuries!

Thanksgiving fire safety