A Look at Cambridge Fire's Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Statistics

7/8/20241 week ago

During the Fiscal Year 2024 (which ended June 30, 2024) Cambridge Firefighters responded to 16,012 emergency incidents, which generated 35,770 responses by individual fire companies.
This total includes 56 building fires, 956 inside fires, and 1061 fires of all categories (including outside rubbish, brush, mulch, vehicles, etc). There were 7496 emergency medical responses during the fiscal year, as well as as 223 elevator rescues (persons trapped in stalled elevators in hi-rise and low-rise buildings).
Among the responses to carbon monoxide alarms, there were 79 incidents of actual carbon monoxide contamination in buildings. Thankfully, CO alarms had activated in all incidents, preventing injury to residents. 


Engine 2 from Lafayette Square was the busiest company in the city. The Lafayette Square fire house was the busiest fire house in the city & one of the busiest fire houses in New England.

Major fires included a 3-alarm fire in a residential building on Garden St. (October) where a trapped person was successfully rescued by firefighters via ground ladders placed to a window; a rapidly extending 3-alarm fire (November) which involved a large multiple residence in East Cambridge; and a 3-alarm fire in North Cambridge in a multi-residential building (January) in which several people were rescued, but unfortunately one resident did not survive injuries.

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FY2024 summary 1

FY2024 summary 2