Hydrant Testing

4/17/20159 years ago

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Fire Hydrant Testing through July 10
May Cause Water Discoloration & Clothing Stains

Cambridge Water and Fire departments will be conducting annual fire hydrant maintenance and testing weekdays between 9 a.m.-2 p.m., beginning May 11th through July 10th, excluding holidays. Hydrant testing helps ensure maximum operability. This process can disturb sediment that naturally occurs in the water piping system and may cause discoloration of water from faucets and toilets for several hours after testing. Discolored water does not usually present a health hazard though concerned residents should avoid drinking it. Check your water before doing laundry as the discolored water may stain clothes. The Water Department can provide a wash additive to remove stains. Please see the schedule below or call the Cambridge Fire Department at 617-349-4921 between 8-8:45 a.m. for daily test locations. For questions on water quality, call Ed Dowling, Cambridge Water Department at 617-349-4780. To report discolored water call the main Water Department number at 617-349-4770. Below are general reference dates for Cambridge neighborhoods:

Harvard Square Area Engine 1 May 11 through May 22
Central Square Area Engine 2 May 11 through May 22
Riverside Area Engine 6 May 26 through June 5
Concord Ave. Area Engine 8 May 26 through June 5
East Cambridge Area Engine 3 June 8 through June 19
North Cambridge Area Engine 4 June 8 through June 19
Inman Square Area Engine 5 June 29 through July 10
West Cambridge Area Engine 9 June 29 through July 10

Please note that these dates for testing remain flexible due to weather and Fire Department activities.

For a map of the fire hydrant testing areas, please visit the water department's website.