Use of Fire Pits and Portable Heating Devices that use Solid, Liquid or Gas Fuels Prohibited

10/26/20203 years ago

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Note: This News Note was updated in August, 2022.

As the weather gets cooler and residents are trying get the most use of the outdoors during the good weather, the Cambridge Fire Department has been fielding a lot of inquiries on the use of Fire Pits, Chimeneas and other outdoor portable heating devices on residential property.

Unless a permit has been issued by the Chief of the Fire Department, the use of fire pits, chimeneas and portable heating devices that use solid, liquid or gas fuels is prohibited in the City of Cambridge. The Chief of the Fire Department may issue a permit at their discretion pursuant to the State Fire Code and M.G.L. c.48 section 13.

Similarly the storage or use of grilles, hibachis and other outdoor cooking devices, including electrically powered ones is prohibited on porches, decks or balconies. When used they must be 10 feet away from buildings or combustible materials.

We encourage residents to be proactive with regard to fire prevention and fire safety. If you have any questions, please contact the Cambridge Fire Department at