FFOP Casey DiPanfilo graduated from MA Fire Academy Recruit Training Program

8/8/20221 year ago

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Congratulations to Cambridge FFOP (Firefighter on Probation) Casey DiPanfilo on his graduation Friday, August 5th, from Massachusetts Department of Fire Services - Massachusetts Fire Academy Recruit Class 303.
Following completion of the intense,10-week recruit training program at the Stow campus, FFOP DiPanfilo graduated as a nationally certified Firefighter I/II. The training program includes classroom and hands-on training on firefighting skills including hose line management, water supply, ladder ops, tools and equipment, search and rescue, use of SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus), tying and hauling, ventilation, structural fire control, vehicle, extrication, water rescue, hazardous materials, and much more.

He has been assigned to Engine Company No. 9 on Lexington Av.


The photograph shows FFOP DiPanfilo with Chief Mahoney. 
DiPanfilo graduation MFA Class 303