Firefighters extinguish car fire on New St

8/15/20221 year ago

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At 858 a.m. on Monday, August 15th, firefighters of Engine 9, Ladder 4, & Division 2 quickly & safely extinguished at least 2 cars on fire in a parking lot on New St. Engine 8 stood by at a hydrant for additional water supply and then was diverted to an unrelated call on Bay State Road.

Firefighters of Engine 9 had quick water and rapidly contained and extinguished fire. There were no injuries.

There was no extension to exposure bldgs.

Note that all firefighters are fully dressed in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and are breathing SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) air.

Cambridge Police also assisted on scene with traffic control and pedestrian safety in the area.

Group 2 was on duty.

Cars on fire on New Street  Cars on fire on New Street 2