Help to Prevent Burn and Scald Injuries

2/6/202316 months ago

Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire!

On this Burn Awareness Week 2023 and during every week of the year, take those extra precautions to prevent burn and scald injuries. 

  • Maintain that "No-Kid Zone" around the stove and oven.
  • Keep hot liquids out of reach of the kids at all times.
  • Keep pot handles on the stove turned inward.
  • Ensure that the hot water temperature is at a safe level!

Always keep the kitchen safe! As we know, kids can move very quickly and get into trouble in seconds! Keep those curious pets away from the stove and oven also. 

For a burn injury, cool the burn area and call 911 right away. 

For more info, go to the MA Department of Fire Services Burn Prevention portal.

Burn Awareness week 2023