2nd alarm Box 2-1941 - 25 8th St

4/24/202314 months ago

At 0222 a.m. on April 24, 2023, 2 alarms were ordered for the fire on floor 8 of 25 8th St, an 8 story residential building. Firefighters from 6 engines, 4 ladders, the rescue, 3 squads, & command & support units contained and extinguished the fire, evacuated residents as needed, defended many in place, ventilated smoke, & worked on damage control.
The fire was confined to one apt by one operating sprinkler head.
One resident was treated & transported for evaluation.
The cause is under investigation.
Pro EMS, Cambridge Police Department, Inspectional Services, & numerous agencies also assisted on scene.
As always, thank you to the staff of Cambridge Emergency Communications for coordinating the incident communications & notifications during a busy early morning.
On duty: group 1
IC: A/DFC Fournier

2nd alarm Box 2-1942 25 8th St 24Apr2023

2nd alarm Box 2-1942 25 8th St 24Apr2023 Ladder 2