Tower Crane Rescue Training

5/2/202314 months ago

Thank you to Moriarty & Associates Construction for arranging  4 days of training on the last week of April with our Special Operations & Safety Division. Tech Rescue fire companies practiced simulated rescue operations on a Tower Crane in East Cambridge. Rescue tech ops training included rope rescue, rappelling, tying & hauling, setting up manual hauling systems, use of a "stokes" rescue stretcher, and much more. As always, safety procedures for firefighters as well as civilians are strictly enforced. Note that Cambridge Firefighter Paramedics are part of this very skilled Tech Rescue Team.

This training exercise is very timely considering the large number of high level, construction projects ongoing throughout our city. 

Tech Rescue companies Engine 1, Ladder 1, Rescue1, & Squad 2, with the Division Chiefs, all groups,have participated.

Photos show group 4 on 24 April 2023.


 Tower crane rescue training 3

Tower crane rescue training 2

Tower crane rescue training 4

Tower crane rescue training 1