Working Fire at 18 Lexington Avenue

6/5/202313 months ago

Working Fire Box 45-853:

On Saturday evening, June 3rd, a working fire was ordered, Box 45-853 for the fire at 18 Lexington Av, a 2 1/2 story, wood frame duplex residence built in 1895. Arriving with heavy fire showing from floor 3, first-due Engine Company 9 from the Lexington Av fire house initially went into fast attack "Quick Water" mode from tank water via deck gun which they followed up with an attack line to floor 3. This initial attack was instrumental in quickly controlling the fire. Other arriving engine companies established water supplies from hydrants and stretched hose lines to the interior. Ladder companies opened up, ventilated, and overhauled while the rescue and squads completed searches for any residents as well as controlled utilities as needed. As in all firefighting operations, success depends on the teamwork of all firefighters.

One resident was treated & transported to a medical facility for evaluation.

The cause is under investigation.

Time: 1910 hours (710 pm)

Working fire: 1924 (724 pm)

All out: 2130 hours


Four engines, 3 ladders, Rescue 1, 2 squads, & 2 division chiefs worked at the fire.

On duty: group 4

IC: DFC Grimm


Thank you to Cambridge Police Department for the assist with traffic control & pedestrian safety in the area.

Thank you to Pro EMS for the medical support & special thank you to Cambridge Emergency Communications for their continued professionalism under pressure.

Thank you also to Arlington Engine 2 and Brookline Ladder 2 for covering in Cambridge during the fire.

Working Fire Box 45-853 - 3 June 2023

Working Fire Box 45-853 - 3 June 2023 2

Working Fire Box 45-853 - 3 June 2023 3