Annual fire statistics for the fiscal year ending June 30th

7/19/202312 months ago

For the fiscal year ending ending on June 30, 2023, Cambridge fire companies responded to 16,694 emergency incidents which generated 36,591 responses by fire companies. These included 55 building fires, 957 fires of all categories (including rubbish, stove, oven, outside, brush, etc.) & 8017 emergency medical calls.

Engine 2 from the Lafayette Square Fire house made 3870 emergency responses. The Lafayette Square Fire House is one of busiest in New England.

During this fiscal year, companies completed 192 elevator rescues where occupants were trapped inside stalled elevators.

There were also 67 incidents of actual carbon monoxide contamination. Thankfully carbon monoxide detectors had activated, warning residents of the CO accumulation & firefighters were quickly dispatched. 

The major devastating fire of the year occurred on April 9, 2023 at the Faith Lutheran Church on Broadway. In spite of the massive response by fire companies, this Easter Sunday fire destroyed the church building, which was built in 1920.

Please see the full company run statistics in the chart below.

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Six alarm fire at Faith Lutheran Church on Broadway 9Apr2023
Six alarm fire at the Faith Lutheran Church on Broadway - April 9, 2023 - Easter Sunday