Elevator Rescue

7/25/202311 months ago

Cambridge Fire Companies made 201 elevator rescues in fiscal year 2023 (ending June 30th).  Typically the Rescue company & a Ladder company are dispatched to an elevator call. If the Rescue is unavailable, a squad & engine may be dispatched also. Some of Rescue 1's elevator rescue tools are shown in a photo below. All rescue members are trained in elevator procedures. 

Never attempt to self-extricate from a stalled elevator! Any self-rescue attempt could cause serious injury. Firefighters are trained and will use all safety procedures and appropriate tools during an elevator rescue, including ensuring that the power and elevator are secured. Obviously it would not be good if the elevator moved while an extrication was in progress! A rescue in a blind shaft may be upgraded to a technical rescue, calling for additional resources & procedures. 

If you or someone are/is trapped in a stalled elevator, call 911 right away. Cambridge Emergency Communications will quickly dispatch the appropriate companies.

Rescue 1 responding rear view

Rescue 1 rear compartment elevator rescue tools

Rescue 1 elevator rescue tools

elevator bank

Rescue 1 apparatus