Cambridge Fire Department's Neighborhood Walk-Through Program Helps Maintain Building, Structure, and Fire Protection System Familiarity

7/11/202311 months ago

As part of daily activities, fire companies complete a Neighborhood Walk-Through in their response area. The purpose is to maintain building, structure, & fire protection system familiarity; review fire & rescue strategy & tactics; & provide interaction with the people we protect. Every engine, ladder, squad, & the rescue completes a 20-40 minute walk-through every day in a different neighborhood. Companies remain in service via radio during the walk-through.
On Sundays, companies complete the walk-through in a transit station. Photos attached show Ladder Company 1 (group 2) doing the walk-through at Kendall MBTA on a Sunday morning.


Note that as part of Covid precautions, this program had been suspended. Now the program has been fully reinstated with all companies participating. 

Kendall MBTA 2

Kendall MBTA 3

Kendall MBTA 1

Kendall MBTA 4