Ensure that your Carbon Monoxide Detectors are Working

8/22/20239 months ago

Test your CO and smoke detectors!


Last week, August 17th and August 18th,  there were two separate incidents in large multi residences with high levels of Carbon Monoxide. Thankfully in each incident the CO alarms alerted residents, they called 911, and the Fire Companies were dispatched to investigate. Fire companies took air samples with their meters and found elevated levels of CO. All residents were evacuated without injury.

In each case the building was ventilated and the source of the carbon monoxide was identified and removed. In each incident the air quality returned to normal and residents were able to return to their units.

In one case the cause of the CO was a power washer operating in a lover level parking garage. The source in the other case was a malfunctioning boiler.

Remember that carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, poisonous gas which can not be detected by human senses. 

If your CO alarm activates, call 911 from a safe area. A fire company will immediately be dispatched to investigate.

For more information about carbon monoxide, go to the MA Department of Fire Services site.

CO emergency - Chauncy St - 17Aug2023 4

CO emergency - Chauncy St - 17Aug2023 1

CO emergency - Chauncy St - 17Aug2023 2

CO emergency - Chauncy St - 17Aug2023 3