Multi Unit Drill

8/17/20239 months ago

Fire companies schedule training drills every day and night between emergency responses. A wide variety of skills is necessary for the 21st century "all hazards" fire department to operate effectively. Skills range from the basic pump operation, hose line management, ladder deployment, and emergency medical care to the more technical skills including high-angle rescue, collapse rescue, water surface and dive rescue, and hazardous materials control. 

The attached collage shows the headquarters companies, Engine 1, Engine 6, & Ladder 1 running a hands-on training exercise which included ladder pipe & heavy stream appliance ops, pump ops, hydraulics, water supply, and much more. With the excellent available water supply, Engine 1 was able to exceed capacity, pumping at approximately 1400 gpm (gallons per minute).

Group 2 was on duty for this Multi Unit Drill. 

Depending on the skills, training sites across the city are utilized. This training exercise was completed at Magazine Beach.

Multi Unit Drill - Engine 1, Engine 6, Ladder 1 - group 2