A rubbish fire in the subway tunnel near Harvard MBTA station was quickly extinguished

9/26/20237 months ago

At approx 0925 a.m. on Sep 25th,  Box 5171 was transmitted for the rubbish fire in the subway tunnel near the Harvard Square station. Third rail power was shut down (& confirmed by CFD third rail testers) and the fire in the tunnel near the "old" Harvard station was quickly extinguished. Engine 9 charged the R23 standpipe from street level at Remington St while Engines 6 & 1, Ladder 3, Squad 3, & Rescue 1 worked in the tunnel to locate, extinguish, and overhual the fire. Ladder 2 stood by as the RIT (rapid intervention team).
Group 1 was on duty
No injuries were reported at the time of the incident. Train service was quickly restored after firefigthers were clear of the tracks.
Cambridge Police, Transit Police, as well as MBTA officials assisted on scene.


Box 5171 Harvard T 2


Box 5171 Harvard T 1

Box 5171 Harvard T 3

Box 5171 Harvard T 4