Commendation of LT Kyle Schweinshaut of Squad 2

9/18/20238 months ago

On August 8, 2023 while off duty and traveling in his personal vehicle in Sandwich, MA, Fire Lieutenant Kyle Schweinshaut of Squad 2 from the Lafayette Square fire house put himself in harm's way to rescue an unconscious person trapped in a vehicle which had crashed down an embankment and was on fire. Without benefit of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), hose line, or firefighting and extrication tools, LT Schweinshaut, who is also a Paramedic, extricated the person from the car under smoke and fire conditions and provided life-saving emergency medical care. This successful rescue under extreme circumstances was completed with the assistance of a United States Marine Colonel (retired.)

Thanks to these two brave rescuers, LT. Schweinshaut and the retired Marine Corps colonel, a life was saved.

Commendation GO 26 of 2023 1

Commendation GO 26 of 2023 2