The Members of Engine 3, Ladder 2, and Rescue 1 (group 1 on duty) Worked to Save a Life

9/20/20238 months ago

At about 230 pm, on September 1st, the Firefighters of the East Cambridge Fire House were notified of an unconscious male across the street from their fire house. Firefighters immediately responded, and finding the person in cardiac arrest, called for more resources. CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) was started without delay and several difibrillator shocks were delivered. ALS (advanced life support) care was immediately iinitiated and continued while on route to the medical facility. The patient's pulse and breathing were restored prior to arrival at the hospital.

Due to the quick response and team effort of the members of Engine 3, Ladder 2, and Rescue 1 (group 1 on duty) from the East Cambridge fire house, the patient was given a chance for survival.

Please see General Order #26, series of 2023 attached below. 

Commendation GO27 of 2023

East Cambridge fire house