HazMat OLR (Operational Level First Responder) Refresher Training - 2023

9/26/20237 months ago

All companies are are rotating through the Hazardous Materials OLR (Operational Level First Responder) training refresher course. Training, both classroom & hands-on, includes technology updates, PPE selection (including various level entry suits), atmosphere monitoring, control zones, decontamination, and recognition and identification of hazardous materials.
Every member in the department is nationally certified to the HazMat OLR level. Numerous members are certified to the Hazardous Materials Technician level.


Hazardous Materials response and mitigation is just one of the Special Operations/Technical Rescue skills of this 21st Cambridge Fire Department. Other Tech Rescue skills include structural collapse resue, trench rescue, confined space rescue, hi-angle rescue, water/ice rescue, underwater search and rescue and more.

Photos show Engines 3 & 4, Ladder 3, Squad 2, & Division 2 (group 3 on duty), 21 Sep 2023.

HazMat OLR Refresher Sep 2023 5

HazMat OLR Refresher Sep 2023 1

HazMat OLR Refresher Sep 2023 2

HazMat OLR Refresher Sep 2023 3

HazMat OLR Refresher Sep 2023 4