Help to prevent fires caused by lithium-ion batteries

12/12/20235 months ago

Many gifts this holiday season will be powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are in everyday use in various devices in the home, in the workplace, in school, in other venues, as well as outside.

When purchasing a battery powered device, be sure to check for an approval label from a national testing laboratory, such as UL or ETL.

Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines & only use the charger and battery that is compatible with the device.

If the battery overheats or starts to disfigure, unlug it and safely remove it to the outside if possible. If the device or batteries start to burn or release smoke or other products of combusiton, call 911 from a safe area.

When charging a battery powered device, ensure that the device it is not blocking your emergency escape route.

As always ensure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

Please read the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) safety tips below for using Lithium-Ion batteries.

For more information about using Lthium-Ion batteries safely, go to the MA Department of Fire Services site.

Lithium Ion batter safety