City of Cambridge Fire Alarm Boxes

2/27/20243 months ago

Considerring last week's nationwide cell-phone communications issues, keep in mind the 24/7 availability of our city Fire Alarm boxes. 
These alarm boxes are not dependant on outside cell-phone or electronic servce. They operate on old, but proven technology, are simple to use, and are reliable. They are maintained by our own City of Cambridge Electrical Department staff.


When you are out and about, notice and keep in mind the location of your nearest fire alarm box.

For a fire or other emergency, pull the hook to release a spring-loaded, coded wheel which sends an alarm signal directly to the Cambridge Emergency Communications Center. ECC dispatchers will quickly dispatch the appropriate response.

You may notice that a city fire alarm box is also affixed to the front of every fire house in Cambridge. This is for the possibility that a person goes to the fire house for help, and the fire companies are out of quarters attending to another alarm. You can pull the alarm box and companies will be immediately dispatched. 

Yes, most emergency calls are initiated by cell phone call to 911, but the reliable fire alarm box network is another available segment of our 21st century Cambridge public safety network.

Fire Alarm Box 1

Fire Alarm Box 2

Fire Alarm Box 3

Electrical dept truck