Recruit Firefighters

2/26/20242 months ago

Welcome aboard to the members of Cambridge Fire Academy Recruit Class 2024-01!


Following a rigorous hiring process, on Monday, February 26, 2024, seventeen new FFOPs (Firefighters on Probation) started Cambridge Fire Academy - Recruit Firefighter Training. Welcome to  a noble career in public safety service to the people of our city. 

The group is shown with LT Mahaffey, the PT (physical training) instructor.

The first training day started off with group PT, which is not only healthy & job related, it's a great way to start the training day. LT Mahaffey led the class in warm-up, push-ups, mountain-climbers, air-squats, burpees, stretches, warm down, & much more.

Classroom instruction included orientation to the fire service and the City of Cambridge Fire Department, safety, policies, procedures, human resources information, & much more.

Following orientation and a brief training course in Cambridge procedures, several who have been previously trained and certified will be deployed to fire companies. The remaining members will complete the 50-day Cambridge Fire Academy Recruit Training Program. Training will include emergency medical care, pump operation, hose deployment, ground and aerial ladder operations, forcible entry, ventilation, search for and rescue of victims, firefighting physics and tactics, hazardous materials mitigation, water rescue, fire prevention, and much more. Following completion of training skills (both classroom and hands-on) and successful completion of a written examination, FFOPs will become nationally certified as Firefighter I/II. Graduation is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 10th.

Cambridge Fire Academy - orientation day - group photo - 26 Feb 2024

Cambridge Fire Academy - Orientationday - PT 2 -  26 Feb 2024

Cambridge Fire Academy - Orientationday - PT 1 -  26 Feb 2024

Cambridge Fire Academy - orientation - classroom 26 Feb 2024