Cambridge Fire Academy - Recruit Class 2024-01

3/13/20242 months ago

On Training Day 06, 11 Mar 2024, the firefighter recruit class started with Written Exam 1 & a lecture on Fire Behavior & the Physics of Fire and its products.


In the afternoon, 1/2 the class worked on reinforcement of ladder climbing skills (up and over) while the other 1/2 participated in their first burn day, a hands-on learning process re the physics of fire.


Recruit firefighters, fully dressed in PPE (personal protective equipment) and breathing from SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) observed the progression of a small fire in a room and the ensuing smoke spread and stratification of products of combustion throughout the area. In a very short time, visibility was zero. Firefighter and fire officer instructors and support staff shared their knowledge and experience as part of this basic training & learning process.

The groups swapped training stations midway through the afternoon.

There are 20 recruit firefighters in the class, 12 from Cambridge Fire and 8 from Brookline Fire.


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