Cambridge Fire Academy - Recruit Class 2024-01 - Gas School

4/11/20245 weeks ago

On Monday, April 8th, recruit firefighters participated in the very intense, hands-on training at the MA Department of Fire Services Firefighting Academy gas training school in Stow.


Hands-on gas training evolutions continued througout the day. Skills were practiced on the use of hose streams to control the burning gas product so that the valve can be closed to stop the flammable product flow, thus extinguishing the fire. Similar skills were also practiced to control the flow & direction of unignited product until the flow can be shut down, thus preventing ignition. All these skills obviously require numerous firefighters working as a coordinated team under direction and as part of an incident managemen system.

Under instructor supervision, recruit firefighters practiced vapor control via water fog & also extinguished these fires with dry-chem extinguishers. And, yes, the heat is very intense!


Last week, recruits participated in the prerequesite classroom lecture series on LNG, LPG, natural gas physical properties & emergencies.



Not because of Monday's eclipse, but because of the quality, intense training at the MA Firefighting Academy GasTraining School, this day was a day to remember for the recruit class!

Nice work by all!


Thank you again to the instructors and support personnel and MA Firefighting Academy staff for sharing the facility, skills and experience.


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