New Pumps for Engine 2 and Engine 5 have been delivered

5/16/20242 months ago

The twin pumps for Engine 2 (Lafayette Square) and Engine  5 (Inman Square) were delivered to the Cambridge Fire Department Tech Services apparatus mechanic shop on May 10th.
These state-of-the-art Pierce Enforcer, 1250 gpm (gallons per minute) pumps with 500 gallon water tanks, include TAK-4 T3 all wheel steer and energy efficient Idle Reduction Technology as well as stainless steel bodies. They were built by Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin and sold by Allegiance Fire and Rescue in Walpole.


After final outfitting by the CFD Tech Services mechanics, and training and familiarization by all groups, these pumps will be placed in service to replace the current pumps.


Engines 2 and 5 delivery 10May2024 1

Engines 2 and 5 delivery 10May2024 2

Engines 2 and 5 delivery 10May2024 2