Members of the Cambridge Fire Dive Rescue Team participated in the Search for a Missing Person

2/13/20243 months ago

Underwater Search:

During the late morning and early afternoon of February 12th, Cambridge Fire SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) divers, working with Boston Fire Department divers & multi public safety agencies, completed an extensive, underwater search for a person in the Charles River near the Longfellow Bridge. Note that the visibility in the cold, Charles River water is near zero, which requires coordinated search patterns and communications among the searchers and support staff. As in all dive rescue operations, safety of the divers conducting the search is a priority.

This extensive search, using coordinated search patterns with side-sonar technology, was another example of Metro Boston UASI (Urban Area Security Initiatve) teamwork effort among our public safety personnel. Sadly in this incident, the victim did not survive injuries.

Any inquiries about this incident can be directed to Massachusetts State Police.

Agencies working at the incident included Cambridge Fire, Boston Fire, Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police, Cambridge Police, Professional EMS, Boston EMS, MA DCR, MASSPORT Fire, MA Environmental Police, & the US Coast Guard.

Cambridge Fire Group 3 was on duty.


The first photo shows the Cambridge Fre and Boston Fire Marine Units lashed together as a coordinated base for deployment of divers for the underwater search.

Water Search - Charles River 12Feb2024 1

Water Search - Charles River - 12Feb2024 3

Water Search - Charles River - 12Feb2024 2

Water Search - Charles River - 12Feb2024 4

.Charles River Water search - 12 Feb 2024 5

Charles River water search - 12 Feb 2024 6