Becoming a Firefighter

new recruits cutting cake

The Cambridge Fire Department hires through the civil service process, which entails first taking a written exam and a physical ability test.  These are usually conducted every three years and coordinated by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division. 

The 2020 written examination was postponed due to the current state of emergency.  Candidates who have successfully taken the ELPAT (Entry Level Physical Agility Test) from August through October will now be scheduled for the first round of written test dates later this month (November, 2020) and will receive a detailed Notice to Appear for the written portion.

Candidates who complete the ELPAT after October, will be notified of their scheduled date for the written component.Go the MA HRD link below for additional information.

Here is a link to the state's Human Resources Division site for more information; it includes the firefighter exam orientation and preparation guide, as well as the firefighter physical ability test (PAT) preparation guide: Go to the MA HRD web site for more information: MA HRD Firefighter entrance exam

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