Becoming a Firefighter

Rescue Company No 1

The 2023 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Municipal Firefighter Entrance Examination is scheduled for October, 2023. Start the process now to become a Cambridge Firefighter.

Firefighter is a noble, rewarding, and exciting profession where you have the opportunity to help people when they are vulnerable. In addition to firefighting, the job includes a wide variety of skills including emergency medical care, control of hazardous materials releases, protection of the environment, extrication of trapped people (and animals), collapse rescue, water rescue, public fire education, fire prevention, and more. 

Firefighting skills include hose line movement, nozzle operation, water supply, search and rescue, use of SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), ladder work, forcible entry, fire tactics and strategy, and much more.

Cambridge firefighters will be academy trained and certified to the national Firefighter I/II level.

Firefighter hiring is started via the MA Human Resources statewide entrance examination.

Application Opening:                            July 1, 2023
Application Deadline:                            August 29, 2023
Notices to Appear for Written Test:       September 29, 2023
Written Examination Beginning Date:  October 14, 2023, through October 21, 2023

For more information, go: MA HRD 2023 Firefighter Entrance Exam

 Firefighter Entrance Exam Engine 5 2022