Fire Investigation Unit

generic FIU inspector

The Cambridge Fire Investigations Unit (FIU) responds to all major fires in the city, and is available 24 hours a day to investigate any incident where Incident Commanders request an investigator.  The duties of the fire investigator include structure fires, motor vehicle fires, burns, explosions, and the investigation & enforcement of all laws and statutes related to fires & investigations. 

The unit works closely with the Cambridge Police Department and other local fire departments and law enforcement agencies with the common goal of eliminating incendiary fires.

FIU tracks causes of all fires, explosions and burns, accidental or incendiary, to interrupt trends in these fires.

The unit works with the local District Attorney’s office and the local police in maintaining a Juvenile Fire Setters program which acts to educate youthful offenders and deter them from future crimes. 

FIU has completed numerous origin and cause investigations during FY 2012, and the active role within the community has contributed to a steady decline of incendiary fires since the units inception in 1979. 

The Chief Investigator of the Division reports to the Chief of Operations.