A Working Fire response was ordered for the fire at 181 Mass Av

5/13/20242 months ago

Working Fire, Box 45-2744:
On Saturday afternoon, May 11th, a "working fire" was ordered for the fire at 181 Mass Av. The fire was quickly contained to 1 room on floor 9 of this 9 story building. Firefighters from 4 engines, 3 ladders, the Rescue, 2 squads, & 2 division chiefs worked on scene. The "working fire" assignment was used as the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) to rescue the firefighters if needed.
No injuries were reported.
Time of the initial automatic alarm: 253 p.m. 
All out:513 p.m.
Group 1 was on duty.
IC: DFC Vaillancourt
Pro EMS stood by for potential medical issues.
Cambridge Police & MIT Police officers assisted with traffic diversion & pedestrian safety in the area.
A Somerville Fire Department engine & ladder covered in Cambridge during the fire.
- photos by 857 Fire photos

Working Fire Box 45-2744 4

workign fire box 45-2744 1

Working Fire Box 45-2744 2

working fire 45-2744 5

Working Fire Box 45-2744 3