About Us

The Department of Traffic, Parking & Transportation oversees public parking and traffic operations in the city and actively promotes walking, bicycling and transit. TP&T's Parking Management division promulgates, signs and enforces parking regulations; installs and maintains parking meters; operates the City’s two parking garages; collects and adjudicates parking tickets; and operates the Resident Permit Program.

The Department's Street Management division maintains pavement markings, including crosswalks and bicycle lanes; operates of traffic signals; conducts traffic study reviews; and issues permits for street obstructions and street closings. TP&T also works closely with other City departments in planning, reviewing and developing proposals to improve the City’s infrastructure and encourage walking, bicycling and using transit.

The Department’s goals are:

  1. Increase the quality, efficiency and responsiveness of our operations.
  2. Increase the public safety of our transportation facilities.
  3. Support the mobility needs of the City’s residents, businesses, and institutions. Encourage and support non-auto modes of transportation.
  4. Mitigate climate change and support environmental sustainability. Encourage and support sustainable modes of transportation.
  5. Support neighborhood vitality and active, people-oriented places.
  6. Improve the quality of our services and maintain our facilities to the highest possible level. Provide excellent customer service.
  7. Use technology to provide quality information, operational transparency and easy to use services.

The Department’s services include:

  • Managing on-street parking through the use of parking meters, resident permit parking, and regulating curbside activities.
  • Enforcing those regulations.
  • Collecting and adjudicating parking tickets.
  • Control of traffic – vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and transit – through signals, signs, and pavement markings.
  • Operation of 2 parking garages and 9 lots.