Apply to Cambridge Works, City’s Transitional Jobs Program

8/28/20239 months ago

Cambridge Works, the City of Cambridge’s transitional jobs program, is recruiting! The program serves Cambridge residents between the ages of 18-35 who have difficulty finding full-time jobs due to limited work experience, a gap in their work history, legal challenges, or personal issues. It will run from September – December 2023.   

Cambridge Works prepares participants for full-time employment through:

  • A 3-month, paid temporary job placement at a local organization
  • Professional development classes focusing on resume and cover letting writing, interview preparation, financial literacy, communication skills, and goal setting
  • Support from a case manager
  • Job search support to find full-time employment

To apply to the program, fill out the Cambridge Works online application. Applications will be accepted through August, and the program will begin in early September.

Questions? Contact Michael Merullo at / 617-349-7743.

View the Cambridge Works flyer

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